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Camping Caravaneige 3 étoiles piscine - Hautes Alpes
Locations chalets - Hébergements insolites ouverts en toutes saisons



We are committed to:

Respect the recommendations of the health authorities and the health plan set up by the outdoor hotel industry professionals.
Train our teams in barrier gestures and health protocols, and provide them with protective equipment.
Putting in place signage reminding people of the barriers and social distancing as well as new traffic plans adapted for public places (reception, toilets, games room etc...).
Make hydroalcoholic gel, disinfectant or soap available to clients and teams in the main assembly areas and raise awareness at frequent contact points
Carry out a rigorous and reinforced virucidal cleaning of the common areas and sanitary facilities several times a day and of the accommodation at each change of clients, in accordance with the sanitary plan.

For collective sanitary facilities

We have condemned equipment that does not allow for social distancing (e.g. contiguous sinks).
Whenever possible, we have set up a direction of circulation by marking the entrance and exit of the building.
We have increased the frequency of cleaning, from one to three times a day, by adapting the cleaning and disinfection procedures.

For swimming in the pool

We will follow the regulations concerning capacity, which will be posted at the entrance of the pool and controlled by our teams.
We apply strict standards to treat the water in our pools, so as to inactivate micro-organisms, including viruses. In this way, the water in our swimming pools complies perfectly with the standards of the Public Health Code. The pools are checked several times a day.
We increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and equipment in the aquatic area, including toilets, ramps, handles, doors...

For accommodation

We have adapted our cleaning procedures with extra care. We are reinforcing our cleaning teams.
Systematic disinfection will be carried out inside and outside the accommodation, in particular, on all points of contact with statutory products.
We have removed pillows, duvets and bedspreads. We ask you, exceptionally this year, to bring them as well as your bed linen.
We will ask customers to remove the disposable mattress pads from their mattresses and pillows themselves, put them in a bin bag and place them in the containers provided for this purpose.
Rental units are ventilated during the entire cleaning process.