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Camping Caravaneige 3 étoiles - Hautes Alpes
Locations chalets - Kota-Refuges Finlandais

For each of our mountain huts, we have chosen the name of an explorer. Here, Alexandra David-Neel takes you to Tibet, to where the mountains are beautiful and magical. The mountain hut is furnished to match the country: Thai bed and futon mattress, Zen Buddha drinking fountain, crockery with an oriental touch, décor... All of this makes it UNIQUE.

This mountain hut sleeps 3 people: 1 140x190cm double bed and 1 90x190cm single bed.
There is a grill with hob and gas for preparing food – outdoors only.
Private patio with garden furniture.

This mountain hut does not feature running water or sanitary facilities, though the communal sanitary facilities are close by. The hut features an 11-litre drinking well to supply a small reserve of drinking water.

Wanderlust? Yearning for exploration? You've come to the right place!

Kota Refuge Destination Tibet Photomontage