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Camping Caravaneige 3 étoiles - Hautes Alpes
Locations chalets - Kota-Refuges Finlandais

Hebergement insolite : Destination Finlande
Hebergement insolite : Destination Finlande
Camping avec bain nordique
Camping avec bain nordique

Exceptional accommodation

How about adding a touch of fantasy to your camping holiday? Exceptional accommodation in the heart of the Hautes-Alpes.
Stay a weekend or a week in the Alps living in one of our EXCEPTIONAL LOG CABINS. An exciting experience to add to your winter sports holiday.

Mountain hut means that the living and sleeping area are shared.
Mountain hut means no en-suite lavatory or bathroom but sanitary facilities a couple of metres away.
Mountain hut means a small water reserve in an insulated drinking well nearby.
Mountain hut means preparing your food on your own grill outdoors.

Mountain hut means a stunning view of the mountains all around: simply breathtaking!

It's a different kind of life, with nature all around you. Discover moments of beauty just as did the explorers and trappers of old.
Visit the explorers' forest. It may be camping, but it's glamorous camping! In other words: it's glamping!

Come summer or winter to have an adventure of a special kind near Briançon, Serre Chevalier and the Pays des Écrins.

We have called the log cabins Kota mountain huts: KOTA because they are of Finnish origin and MOUNTAIN HUTS because we make the mountains our home and would like to show you what living in a mountain hut is like.

8 exceptional lodgings in the middle of the Hautes-Alpes, each one UNIQUE and each one offering the opportunity to discover a TRAVEL DESTINATION and learn about an EXPLORER.
With 2, 4 or 6 beds – pure GLAMPING.

Rent a Kota grill for evenings with the family or with friends with an extra Finnish touch.